Autumn Colorful Seasons – a Time to be Thankful

Glossy paper is the focal point of this month’s stamping classes (August 19th – see below), and today I’m sharing one of the cards that we will be creating with the Polished Stone technique.  I’m calling it Autumn Colorful Seasons, because although it’s still early August, we’re starting to think about September, and school, and *gulp* autumn.

I posted sample pieces on Facebook on the weekend, just to see which background my stamping friends prefer.  The results were mixed, which is not a bad thing because everyone has their own personal preference regarding colours.  Now, I did ask my husband which of the samples he preferred, and he too chose the darker sample with the red hue.

Wendy's Little Inklings: Autumn Colorful Seasons Thank You Card

When he came into the Stamping Studio, and saw the finished cards, he changed his mind and said he liked the lighter version.   And… then he backtracked and said that he likes them both.

Wendy's Little Inklings: Autumn Colorful Seasons Thank You Card

August Classes:

  • Monday, August 14th (next Monday!) at 10am and 7pm.
  • Fee:  $20  – bring adhesive and I will have the rest.
  • 3 Glossy card stock projects
  • Stampers can choose between one of the above two Autumn Colorful Seasons cards for their Polished Stone project.

To save your spot, you can RSVP through my Events Calendar, or send me an e-mail.  I have space in the 10am session, but limited space in the 7pm session.

Do you want to learn how to create these cards, but aren’t able to attend a class?  Comment below and I will put together a video tutorial.  Those that leave comments will be the first to see the video.  I haven’t done any yet, but I have a kid at home that can record and edit the final version, and unlimited data, so I need to get out of my comfort zone and get on it!

Happy stamping on this gorgeous summer day.  I’m going out to buy shoes for the 11 yr old girl whose feet are the same size as mine!

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