Flamingo Friday, Zombie Style!

Time has been limited this week, so very little stamping has been done.  Frankly, I haven’t had time to clean my house either, or start re-painting my family room.  Considering that our main floor carpeting is being ripped out in 2 weeks, I had better get cracking!  So, since I haven’t had a chance to stamp, I’m giving you today’s plastic, black, zombie flamingo!

Wendy's Little Inklings: Flamingo Friday, Zombie Style

They’re awesome!  I actually have 4 of them, and I love looking at them at this time of year.  They supposedly glow in the dark, but I’ve never looked at them that closely.  Each one will live happily in my garden until Wednesday morning when they will be unceremoniously ripped from the ground, thrown into a green garbage bag, and moved back into the dark closet where they usually reside.

But… they’ll still be around on Hallowe’en night to scare off trick-or-treaters.

Along with a teenager answering the door wearing a banana costume.

Happy Stamping!

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