Coming soon to an apron near you!

If you have ever worked in an industry where your employer gives out pins to celebrate something (anniversaries, promotions etc.), you know that they become a must-have item for your uniform, or standard workwear.  Because I’m a packrat about certain things, I still have the pins that were attached to my McD’s uniform in the 80s.  If my daughter found out, she would try to thieve them because she loves pins.

Fast forward to 2018, and Stampin’ Up! has released pins to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  Demonstrators are receiving them in their orders as I type this, and these suckers are big, heavy, shiny, and pretty.  They’re so heavy that there are two pins attached to the back.  There will be no twirling on the apron for these babies.

Wendy's Little Inklings: Stampin' Up! 30th anniversary pin

Along with the 30th anniversary pin, we also have Destination Orlando pins.  Our large demonstrator event, OnStage, is being held in Orlando in November to celebrate this anniversary.  These pins are for Canadians, encouraging them to take part in this special event.

Wendy's Little Inklings: Stampin' Up! 30th anniversary pin

They may be small, but these are just two of the perks that demonstrators receive with this company.  Interested in finding out what other benefits are received by demonstrators?  Start by looking at my Team Flamingo page.  The basics are there, but I’m sure you’ll still have questions.  Call me (289-928-5713) or send a quick e-mail to set up a Q&A time.  If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can go sign up right HERE.

Our next Team Flamingo meeting is on Sunday, February 11th (that’s next Sunday!)  Sign up now, and join us then.

Time to get downstairs and mess up my stamp room 🙂

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