*Last Chance* 3 Months of Paper Pumpkin at a 25% Discount


paper pumpkin 25% off
Have you seen our monthly Paper Pumpkin crafting kits?  They are chock full of stamping goodness, that arrive on your porch step  somewhere around the 20th of each month.  My subscribers RAVE about them because they come with a burst of creativity!

Subscribe before June 10th, and your first three months are 25% off the regular price!  (*First time subscribers*)  In September, the price will go back up to $26.95 + tax/month (no shipping!), and I’m confident that you’ll want to keep receiving your kits.  They’re that fabulous.

How perfect are these kits for summer crafting?  Here’s a few (and only a few) ways that you can use them…

  • Cottage crafting for the evening, or when you’re waiting for the rain to end
  • Vacation crafting for when you need a little down time in your hotel room
  • Kid crafting for when they’re bored and driving you just a *little* bit crazy
  • Friend crafting for when you want to be creative, without taking everything out (especially if you have a glass of wine beside you!)

You will receive a clear stamping block with your first month, and the only other thing you’ll need are a pair of scissors, and baby wipes to clean the stamps.  EVERYTHING else, including the ink, is included in your box.

Looking for more details on our heavenly crafting box?  Click on my Paper Pumpkin page for details, or go right to the sign-up page to order your Paper Pumpkin kit today!  Don’t delay because this offer ends at 11:00pm on Saturday, June 10th!

Subscribe to Paper Pumpkin at 25% Off


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