Flamingo Fridays: A Steal of a Deal

I think it’s a safe bet that everyone knows that I love flamingos.  It’s been really tough this summer to not purchase every single flamingo item I see, because if I did, I would be broke.  They are trendy birds right now, and once the trend passes, they will disappear again for a few years.  Which is why I’ve got to get them when I can!

One of my BFFs works at a local Chapters, and together we have been watching and waiting for this guy to go on sale.  I was not willing to pay $70+ Tax, but more than willing to pay $24 including HST.  Isn’t he awesome?

Wendy's Little Inklings: Flamingo Friday

My husband says that he won’t be allowed in the basement, but my friend thinks that he would look awesome on the bar.  We’ll see who wins!

Have you seen any awesome flamingos lately?  Send them to me!

Back to flamingo cards next week.  Stop by and catch some pink.

Happy stamping!

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