Valentine Shadowbox – Last week’s Class

** Note:  I wrote this last Wednesday, and completely forgot to post it.  Because  I like the layout, I’m posting it now.  I will be offering this entire series of shadowbox layouts in an online class format, so if you know that you want to make it, please send me an e-mail.  **

Good evening my lovely stampers…  It’s been a long couple of skating weeks, and I’m thankful they’re over.  The weekend competition was fantastic, but it’s a long road to get there, and after all of the planning took place, we still spent 50+ hours at the arena complex on the weekend.  Add in high school exams (aka 2 of my kids roaming around the house like they’re on vacation), and it’s been tiring.

It was good to head into the stamp room today to do some cleaning and stamping.  Once I had it relatively tidy, I proceeded to mess it all up again.  The Valentine’s Shadowbox class has been on the calendar for some time, but I was so busy that not only did I not get around to promoting it, I also didn’t create the sample!  So, here it is.

Wendy’s Little Inklings: Valentine Shadowbox

There is space left in tomorrow night’s class.  If you’re interested, please e-mail me  ASAP so that I can chop paper for your box, and have everything ready to go.

I’m at the arena right now, typing this up on the *new* keyboard that I have for my iPad Pro.  Best part about the keyboard?  I got it for free courtesy of Stampin’ Up!  How?  Last year I collected enough points to earn a $300 Apple Gift Card, and I redeemed part of it to get this baby.  SO nice!

Since I’m trying to turn my mindset back to stamping, I’m going to leave this for now.  I’ll be back tomorrow with Card Swap Thursday, and class details.  Stay tuned, and happy stamping!

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